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A portmanteau of "Trump" and "Simpletons." Delineates the poorly-educated multitudes who gravitate, inexorably, to the banner of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Trumpletons not only tolerate their demagogue's blatant disregard of truth & factual evidence, and his dearth of basic human decency - they also cite these traits as the most admirable qualities about Trump and his candidacy. Accordingly, Trumpletons take orgasmic delight in repeating and re-tweeting (or, in the case of these Orwellian sheep, "re-bleating") the myriad fictions and falsehoods Donald Trump disseminates on a daily basis.

**Additionally, what makes "Trumpletons" such a befitting sobriquet is the fact a "Trumpleton" also refers to "air or gas escaping from a male member's urethra." Given how full of proverbial "hot air" Donald Trump is, how much of it he spews forth, and his knack for alluding to his manhood...people who espouse Trump's ideology are, in a sense, huffing an abundance of penile flatulence.**
"Donald Trump could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and he wouldn't lose any votes amongst his loyal Trumpletons."

"The more false or offensive Donald Trump's rhetoric gets, the more his flock of Trumpletons stands by his every word."

"When Donald Trump warned "there might be riots" if he's denied the GOP nomination, the RNC began fearing that legions of Trumpletons will take this as a literal call to arms.

"Trumpletons across America have angrily petitioned for firearms to be allowed at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland."
by grammatticalerror June 30, 2016
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Air or gas escaping from a male member's urethra.
When the nudist skydiver jumped out of a plane with an erection, he landed and had to use the restroom, instead of urinatin he had a "trumpleton".
by VirginiaTM2 April 16, 2009
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A queef out of your dick
"Yeah my buddy was named Richard Trumpleton. Well, it was, before I told him what his last name meant."
by Zeus Train February 05, 2015
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