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Trumpenese - The language President Trump uses to speak. Trumpenese is constructed using English words, however, the meaning behind those words is dynamic (i.e. "Alternative Facts' or 'Alternative Meaning'.) There are various dialects of Trumpenese, but the most common can be broken down as follows:

1. Projecting Trump's faults by declaring others' faults instead. See twitter for examples.

2. Using alternative facts, such as, "I'm like, a really smart guy." Or, "The Trump inauguration was viewed more than any other."

3. Insecurity Mix: A mix of the two dialects above, which usually consists of bashing someone else, then using alternative facts to make himself feel better, and hopes everyone agrees.

4. Butter-you-up approach: Tell everyone and anyone that he's their biggest supporter and he will do what it takes, regardless if at the time it contradicts everything else he has stated in the past. It feels good at the time, but makes you start to question your sanity as a normal human person.

5. Rambling Scary President: A good example of this, basically combines all of the above, where he talks about things that didn't happen (i.e. Rain stopping and starting magically, how the CIA will be unrestrained, and how "getting another chance at taking oil" may be a good idea, who knows?) It seems this dialect is the hardest to classify, because it flows so freely between them all.
"Crooked Hillary" is Trumpenese for, "I am very crooked myself, me, Mr. Trump!"

"The Trump inauguration was the most viewed in History." is Trumpenese for: "My inauguration was not as popular as some of the others."

"You all voted for me, right!?" (talking to 300+ CIA employees) is Trumpenese for: "I am an extremely insecure man."
by MPHStu January 22, 2017
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when Donald trump takes over the world and declares this as the new official language
by Star The Smol Child September 07, 2016
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