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The Abbreviation of Team-Killing Fucktard is TKFT, the plural form is TKFTs.

1. True TKFT (TTKFT) Team-Killing Fucktards normally have little or no experience at playing games, and therefore are expected to have little or no understanding of how the game works. also known as Newbies or newbs They rarely work in packs, often due to the fact that since they are Team-Killers, they may just kill the other TKFTs out of instinct.
The early presence of a TKFT on the field is detected by observing spontaneous, random, unnatural walking patterns while they get accustomed to their new environment. As a rule, abstinence from heavy equipment (RPG's, BFG's, etc.) is well-advised.Team-Killing Fucktards do not have a common specific language that they will always use, unlike n00bs, and may be fluent in several different languages; therefore making them harder to detect early.

True Team-killing fucktards will never be fully eradicated. it helps eliminate their numbers, however, when you give them a tutorial and show them the enemy.

The origin of the Team-Killing Fucktard originated from popular Halo webseries, Red Vs Blue (RVB) it can also be said that the first recognized TKFT is Caboose from the series, for killing team-captain Church with a tank in the first season. Caboose may not be the first TKFT, but the famous incident has sparked awareness of the dangers that TKFTs present to the online-gaming community and beyond.
p1- I cant believe he shot half his own team with a RPG because he forgot what color he was. what a dipshit.
p2- Yeah, what a True Team-Killing Fucktard!
by Super-Ultimare-Ownage-Penguin September 11, 2011
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