When you are something else on the inside than what you truly are.
“I feel as if my true form is a sloth, cause I be chillin” said the human.
by Themostamazingestpersononearth December 17, 2018
a place where super stars get arrested for drugs
what is sweeden(its true form)

mike hunt where famous people get arrested for drugs
by a kid who is earaped August 16, 2021
if your a famous singer or rapper and you have drugs expect to get arrested here g eazy snoop dogg asap rocky justin bieber maybe more
what is sweedin(its true form) like a place where rappers and popstars get arrested for drugs and shit
by a kid who is earaped August 16, 2021
as can be expected
He admits his error, but, true to form, takes an irrelevant swipe at his critics.
by lsl February 10, 2012