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A True Canadian Shotgun (TCS) is the best pick-me-up for any time of the day. Although this shot gun uses Tim Hortons coffee instead of beer there is still some alcohol involved. A TCS is made up of three liquids: Tims coffee in a Tims to-go cup (as mentioned before), Canadian maple syrup, and Canadian rye whisky (preferably Crown Royal).

To do a TCS you first make sure the lid to your coffee is on well, then flip the cup upside down and poke a hole into the cup, just like you would if you were shotgunning normally. Then add a shot of whisky to the coffee and shotgun away. After you have shotgunned the coffee and whisky mixture use Maple Syrup as a chaser.

A good drinking game to play is whenever you see a moose you have to do a True Canadian Shotgun. (Best played when in Newfoundland)
Dean: Damn Jack you seem really down.
Jack: Stephanie just dumped me because I’ve been bangin the noodle to much.
Dean: Harsh man, here come do a True Canadian Shotgun with me and you’ll feel better.
by 5wampDaddy July 17, 2018
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