The league of chadtastical brothers and sisters banding together to form such a beautiful kingdom; where rarteds are instantly persecuted, e-thots punished by listening to RAM RANCH EAR RAPE and crusading degenerates who are deemed in need of divine guidance and revelation.
Guy 1: Fuck man, I joined the TRUE BROS chat and shit is wild.
Guy 2: Damn, I better become an intellectual before joining such a magnificent group
by Tebi Bro September 11, 2019
when two ked's meet eachother and their friendship grows to true bros. aka Rob Crovo III and Steve Leavitt
Rob Crovo III and Steve Leavitt are an example of a true bro
by r.c55 February 9, 2012
Used to defend against an impending cool story bro. Usually uttered immediately after the narration of a story or anecdote (for full effect) worth telling, relevant to the conversation, and not an example of tl;dr or faggotry, so that any threat of ownage from jackasses is effectively neutralized. (Often abbreviated as' tsb' when used in text)
Person A: I remember I was stuck in an elevator in freshman year with a claustrophobic chick who was panting the shit out of the elevator. Gave me the heeby jeebies. True story bro.

Person B: ...
by Tyrone24 September 29, 2010
a funny way of saying NO ONE CARES while someone is telling or explaining a story.

funniest when one who obviously isnt apart of the conversation says it,
douche: "yeah i was gonna go out with my girl last night but i was really tired from work so i just stayed home and played a round of black ops. but we chilled after and she-

me (turning around to the kids behind me in class); "true story bro?"

douche: "oh fuck you"

me: "you mad bro?"
by ithinkhesmadbro February 12, 2011