Slang Term for ephedrine HCL tablets. Commonly bought by truckers at gas stations sold under such names as "mini thins" for prolonged periods of driving. It gained popularity in the 70s. Originally used to treat breathing problems such as Asthma, ephedrine is now widely used in the physical fitness world as a metabolism boosting fat burning stimulant as well as a being used as a recreational stimulant.
Legal status and availability fluctuates because it's often used to make Methamphetamine, though many workout supplement stores do carry them and sell them online.
Ephedrine HCL can be crushed up and unpleasantly snorted for a quick "high" though users often create a more powerful stimulation by combining ephedrine tablets with caffeine and Asprin to make "E.C.As" or "Triple stacks". This increases energy levels however is hard on the bodies central nervous system as well as Cardio vascular system.
OVERDOSING is a very real threat, and like all drugs, should be used in MODERATION or as directed to avoid such problems as

-Heart Attack
-Bleeding in the brain
Rick: "Man I had to drive 12 straight hours to pick up the kids,Thank god I had some coffee and some trucker speed

Jim: We're going clubbing tonight, you gonna drop some Ecstasy???

Bob: "nah man I don't want to get to messed up tonight...I'll stick with my cheap trucker speed"

Kate: " I really gotta finish reading this book for class tomorrow , does anyone have a Redbull I can jack?"

Jeff: Nope, but I can hook you up with some trucker speed"
by Jeffyb243 January 15, 2013
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Ephedrine tablets, available at most gas stations and truck stops.

See mini thins and yellowjackets.
Cletus jackknifed his rig on the 101 after being hopped up on trucker speed for 1000 miles.
by Jaggo March 22, 2004
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