Stands for "Trolling in real life". It is harder than online trolling because you might actually get your ass kicked.

A list of professional IRL Trolls:
-Andy Kaufman
-Jonathan Swift
-Ann Coulter
-Barry Humphries
-Chris Morris
-Bill O'Reilly
-Dom Joly
-Howard Stern
-Ted Rall
-The Runaway Bride
-Jeremy Beadle
-Ayn Rand
-Hurricane Katrina
-Tucker Carlson
-Anal Cunt
-Michael Moore
-Adolf Hitler
-Johnny Knoxville
-Pat Robertson
-Hugo Chavez
-The Man
-Merle Haggard
-Karl Marx
-Tom Green
List of ways Trolling IRL:
-Poke people and say "fag" until they get pissed.
-Walk very close to shops on the pavement, triggering their automatic doors while you pass.
-Wear blackface.
-Stand right in front of the 'buzzer' button at pedestrian crossings so that people can't press it without feeling like they're intruding in your personal space.
-Write an angry letter to the editor.
-File frivolous lawsuits.
-Happy slapping
-Sell someone's dog to a Chinese restaurant
-Join an anarchist black bloc
-Rearrange grocery items on the shelves
-Wear Klan robes
-Sneak a retard into a sperm bank
-Invoke Satan in discussions with street preachers.
-Urinate into a lemonade bottle and leave it in somebody's fridge. For extra fun, change the nutrtion-box information.
-Take a crap on a paper towel and then put it in a soap dispenser.
-Follow old people around with a boom box playing Vengaboys' "We Like to Party"
by MaidenAndPriestRule September 2, 2005
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to Troll in real life is to yell, or taunt someone usually done in Troll Patrol fashion when your friend is driving and your yelling out the window.
For an example of trolling IRL ether check out the FreedomFightersUSA YouTube channel for the upcoming video or YouTube search Drive by insults
by FreedomFightersMN July 31, 2010
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An action taken offline in the real world to ridicule, humiliate, or otherwise prank someone to cause extreme embarrassment or problems.
1) He thought it was funny to troll and threaten me online so I am going to his house tonight to perform an IRL Troll.

2) Watch out that guy is an IRL troll. He once filled my drawer with styrofoam peanuts.
by clownsec December 17, 2014
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IRL troll: You know, I really think Hitler had it right.

Person: ....

IRL troll: No, really. I mean, those Jews had it coming. Stickin' their abnormally large noses into things they shouldn't have.

Person: ...
(Removed due to obscenities.)
by bree-marie September 22, 2010
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