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An ugly, usually short, moral less slut who has no boundaries when it comes to getting guys to sleep with her regardless of their marital status.
A Troll Biscuit also tends to be delusional by thinking the performance of sex acts constitutes a man is then her boyfriend.
Can you believe that Troll Biscuit gave Bob a blow job and now thinks they are dating?
That Troll Biscuit was relentlessly texting my husband provocative messages trying to get him to sleep with her.
by Colorful Word Artist November 18, 2014
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n. Little processed "you-don't-really-know-what's-actually-in-there" breaded chicken bites, which are then deep fried and served to millions upon millions of trusting customers across the land, A.K.A. Chicken McNuggets.
(speaker voice) "KHHHHHH, welcome to McDiggles! Would you like to try our not so new but oh so delicious troll biscuits today?" ... "no, swamp sauce is extra Sir."
by Brett January 22, 2005
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