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A more intense version of "foig." Foig tends to be a Vancouver word, much like the word "ceeb." The origins of both words cannot be certain though in terms of which school started using them first. In this case though, VC started troig along with its many extensions. Troig means tripple foig, hence a more intense version of foig.
Jack "Yo that big foig is walking towards us, lets all call him a troig when he walks by... TROIG!"

Andrew "hahaha what a Lloyd!"
by Lloydminmarc February 03, 2009
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An extention of the word "foig" who some believe was orignaly coined by those of Magee; the true beginning is hard to be ceratin of such as words like "ceeb." Foig specificaly means "triple foig" a more intense version of foig. just as easily used as foig in quick situations as it is still one cyllable.
Jeff "yo that huge troig is commin' up, lets start a troig group... kk... 1,2,3... troiiiiig!!!"

Matthew "hahah what a foig!"
by Lloydmintroig February 02, 2009
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