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The UCSD equivalent of beer goggles, without the beer. UCSD students find that upon beginning school, there are no attractive people on campus, but by the end of fall quarter, begin to discover that there seems to be an influx of cuter boys!

This "influx of cuter boys" however, is all a mirage. What has happened is that these UCSD students are inflicted with "Triton Vision" - because they have been surrounded by ugly men for so long, their standards have dropped and as a result even mildly decent looking men (aka with regular human features) begin to appear stunningly attractive.

This disease is a serious one and is only cured when one leaves the campus perimeter to go home, where one realizes that there are actual men with musculature and clear skin, have the social IQ higher than an 8-year-old, and like to think about sex more than microbiology or astrophysics in the world.

However, this is a recurring disease - once one returns to campus the cycle repeats itself. Triton Vision will never be completely cured until one graduates from UCSD..... or transfers out.

*Courtesy from a guy named David
"Ewwwww, UCSD people are NOT CUTE!" - Person A

4 years later

"Wowww, what was I thinking? They are so HOT!" - Person A

"Dude, are you blind? I think you got Triton Vision." - Person B
by FearfulUCSDcutie June 13, 2009
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