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A Tris-Blig is technically fecial matter covered in the inner anus' blood. Known in slang as a "cherry raisin", a Tris can be devistating to any sufferer of Bligovtrophy.

First noted by Sir Christopher Jenkins J. Bligh esq. in the English city of Morecombe, as peasents scuttled down the side-streets and alley-ways holding handfuls of bloody human excrement after a chimp had infected the local water source with is gangernous elbow. Sir C. Bligh was rumoured to .... and I quote "Oh Winston, looks like they are dabbling in the devil's period. Oh the horrors, but its gruesomely funny"

Videos of such a disease exist, naming for example 1 man 1 jar.

A Tris-Blig is not to be mistaken with a Bris-Tlig!
Benedict - Oh poppycock Alfred, I seem to have acquired a small case of Tris-Blig!

Alfred - Sir, I......, what on Earth have you been doing?.... There is blood everywhere!!! Its down the back of your long-johns!!! And the smell is unphathomable!!! Joseph, Mary and Jesus in a shoe box, how did this happen?? Its even on the hall curtains!!!

Benedict - I do not feel, how you say, over the moon?

Alfred - ......
by Caffo January 27, 2011
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