A pair of pants used by dancers (most often revered to as ravers) of techno, hardstyle, and similar music genres.

These pants were originally hand made from looser fitting cloth pants by the dancers themselves to provide not only comfortable dancing clothing but a way to express their individuality while dancing.

These expressions of individuality started as different colored pants and slowly began to include different colored stitching for accents, strips of different colored fabrics, chains, studs, and many other personal touches such as fabric skulls, paws, animals, and other designs.

Chains are in most cases looked down upon as they can be quite painful if they strike another while dancing. Though worn frequently on tripp pants, many wearers who also pants prefer to replace chains with cloth straps. These most commonly hang from the belt loop on one side of the pant just above the rear pocket to the belt loop just above the opposite side pocket with a second strap being hung in a mirror image of the first.

Their base color is most often black but can also be red, blue, or any other color imaginable. Stitching is usually a different color than the base to create an accent, the most common being black pants with red stitching.

Tripp pants in modern day can be seen being worn by anybody whether they are dancers or not due to commercial production and the availability in such stores as Hot Topic.

This introduction to the masses has in most cases separated the pants from their true origin and many times also attributed them with trouble makers and the goth and emo stereotypes.
"Look at that raver go in his tripps!"

"His tripps are awesome."

"Tripp pants were not meant for those who don't dance."
by Mautty August 14, 2009
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The best ants ever, they usually have chains ir straps on the sides. They are generally black with the straps a bright color.
Winnona has the coolest pair of tripps i've ever seen.

I want those tripp pants!!!
by PunkPrincess08 May 29, 2008
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Pants that are sold mostly at Hot Topic. They come in a variety of styles, all involving either chains, straps, somewhat occult designs, and/or studs. Somewhat overpriced at $45-$55 a pair. People have been known to trip on the straps.
by Lillith Lawliet August 6, 2007
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The most obnoxious article of clothing ever known to mankind. Ugly, with bondage straps, chains, loose, most likely black with some random colored stitching. They're pretty expensive too, at about 60 bucks a pair.
Person: Ahh! That kid is wearing tripp pants! What ever happened to sensibility?
by salak April 8, 2007
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