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Trip Reporting is a silly pastime typed up by fat, un-original, inane people that travel a lot but don't actually do anything interesting. They then write about what they did (the irony) which is nothing... then post photos which only consist of food on the plane, at the hotel and at airport lounges. Some may post shots of the menus for good measure.

Very intrepid.

They are also tight-arsed as well since they seem to only want to use miles they accumulate while flying very short distances more frequently in order to pay for their long haul trips rather than hard earned money. You'd think by doing this they would actually have some cash to spend on doing something more meaningful and worthwhile ie. sightseeing, hiking, cultures etc...
This isn't the case.

Trip reports really should be called Service/Food reports.
Thread starter: Cathay Pacific Premium Economy JFK-HKG RT!!! and my Business Class trip on Air France A380 LAX-CDG Trip Reports!!!
"Please find attached my many professional photos of food!!!!!! oh and the seat I sat in"

Reader: Cool story bro you went on a plane, looked at a menu and ate food... but what did you do on your trip?

Thread starter: Oh I flew on a plane and ate food, then did the same at the hotel! Much fun, so cool, wow.

Reader: *facepalm*
by Oboro Watabanost January 23, 2014
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