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:variant of ridonkulous. Ridiculous to the extreme- specifically used in references to a person's errant choice of words or malapropisms.
Utah Judge: Why didn't you do a Tridonculo scene from the Tempest?

Actor: Do you mean Trinculo? Calling you an expert in Shakespeare is simply tridonkulous!
by Longley December 03, 2010
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when something is so ridonkulous, so that the ridonkulousness of it is multiplied by three, or, in other words, tripled. thus, it is not just ridonkulous, but TRIdonkulous. the "tri" signifies the triple nature of the ridonkulousness.

see ridonkulous
karl: shit did you see pyramid that kid made out of orangina bottles?
jay: that was ridonkulous.
karl: no man. that was beyond that. that was TRIDONKULOUS.
by karl January 21, 2005
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