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Pronounced Tray Bo-lo
Jamaican dance hall producer. Known as the man who discovered Shaggy and Sean Paul Bolo has gained alot of recognition in the music industry for his fresh beats anddrive to discover new talent. Bolo has lead a rather controversial life, he was shot 10 times in a bank robbery in 1985 when he was only 4 years old miraculously he survived. He went missing for a week long period in 2000 and turned up naked on a farm in west virginia with no recollection of the last week. Bolo is known for throwing the wildest parties at his very A list bar in the french riviera called 'Razzcan' celebs such as Kanye and Jay Z are known to be big fans of razzcan parties. Bolo is a notorious womaniser and there are rumours that he broke up Bennifer. J Lo was seen spending alot of one on one time with bolo around the time of the split and a friend close to the source says J lo felt Ben could never be the man that Bolo is. He's also been seen out with Queen Latifah, Whoopi Goldberg and Reba McIntyre.
There's currently talk of a movie deal and upcoming book about Trexs' amazing and controversial life.
I wish I could be Trex Bolo.
Hey it's Trex Bolo the guy that broke up bennifer!
Hey its Trex Bolo the guy that helped Marc Anthony with his aids.
by Strongbad4 September 21, 2008
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