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he is a fine young man and he gets girls and he is well hung and gets girls
Trevonte is a man that get money
by Trevonte Green October 24, 2018
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Is the main character in the show "Dream 7" aired on National t.v. for only half a season due to finance problems and only in a few select countries. Hit phrases like "Don't Dream on It" or " I will make my dream come true" were used throughout the show.

Thinks that he is black but is really white. Also thinks he is cool but he's really jusrt a giant doucher that gets ugly girls and has a tiny pee pee.

A boy with a dream to please every women in America + Canada.

Also know as Popeye , TJ, Snickerdoodle, seymour snapperkins, hot dog + ketchup, The true black santa clause.
Trevonte: Hey courtney wanna go get some ice cream?

Courtney: No, your pee pee is too small!

Dirty Derek: Hey tj wanna go skateboard

Trevonte: No i gotta go trim up my pubes.
by Courtney Lanez December 11, 2009
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