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Affliction of the male member that is caused by prolonged exposure to a partner's intergluteal cleft. Symptoms of trench penis include a burning sensation, swelling, discoloration, and a prickly or heavy feeling in the peen.

While spooning and lap-sitting are the most common causes for trench penis, any activity that involves arousal near a partner's anal bosom puts a male at high risk. Flatulence during these activities has been known to accelerate the onset of trench penis.
John was forced to use a wheelchair for 2 weeks during his grueling struggle with trench penis. His doctor advised him to try being the little spoon next time. I heard his prangus looked like a moldy cucumber.
by G.FRESH. October 10, 2016
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Similar to trench foot, trench penis is a medical condition caused by prolonged exposure of the penis to damp, unsanitary and cold conditions.
When Eric got chilbane in his foot, his unsanitary living conditions eventually lead to him getting trench penis.
by kneesars July 18, 2009
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