French for Soap

Adam's Last name
His name is Adam Trempe.
by Adam Trempe July 3, 2008
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To tremp is Hebrew slang for hitchhike, but English speakers in Israel will still say tremp instead of saying hitchike in English conversations
Dora= "How did you get here when the bus isn't running to this city today?"

Avi= "Oh, I took a tremp all the way here."
by trempist April 14, 2009
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1. to stand in the middle of the road while hitchhiking which discourages drivers from stopping.
2. to ignore tremping (hitchhiking) etiquette and jump into a tremp if there is someone else who was waiting before you.
that guy just totally tremp-blocked you. you've been here for an hour and he just got here.
by dcan January 17, 2011
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