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Tremonti, an Italian surname given to Mark Thomas Tremonti "Tremonster" who also uses this for his solo album "All I Was." Tremonti is a god born guitarist of a self taught strategy to produce acclaimed bands Creed and later Alter Bridge. Working on music for a great sum of his life, Tremonti continues to define his playing style and heavy tones to create mind blowing riffs that are simple, yet complex. Make no mistake, this guy can shred, most notably known for the track "Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad" which desite the unusual name, is actually pretty good! Tremonti is often noted to be one of the best modern guitarists along side with John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc. He is the inspiration for me to pick up that damn $200 guitar and....

Seriously, if you haven't heard of this guy, go check his stuff out.
It has been said heaven's rock supergroup is missing talent to get great guitar riffs, so Jimmy Sullivan and the rest have to collaborate with Tremonti....

Tremonti = God on earth
by Your#1SourceOfSlang September 13, 2013
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