To have good vibes love and live to be you in everything you do and don't look back and And to not fall in with the hate
This dude is really Treece
by Treeece August 08, 2017
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A girl who cheats on her boyfriends, moving boy to boy with overlap so that she can live off their resources and stay with them for free, leaving herself perpetually in a relationship. Generally the type to come on very strong in the beginning to make you like her, followed by a period constant attention leading up to a sudden heartbreak, as she, unforeseen jumps to the next boy breaking your heart almost over night.
Poor Ken, he got Treeced by his girlfriend Tiffany. She moved from the Woodlands TX to CT to live with him for 6 months, then one day she said she loved him at 2:00pm and disappeared for the night, returning at 9:00 am after sleeping with Anthony, for the sole purpose of moving her things from his house directly to Anthony's. He got Treeced hard.
by Kensington Reconing August 11, 2013
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To pay the dinner bill before anyone else gets a chance.
My sister-in-law treeced us. She secretly gave her credit card to the waiter while we were being seated.
by anytreece May 30, 2017
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