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1. Typically the word tree kid is used to describe those weirdos that hang out and talk about anime or are super socially awkward

2. Can be used ironically to make fun of your friend

3. Always talking about some weird shit

Example: Hentai, killing theirselves, tentacle sex, etc.

4. Most likely to shoot up the school

5. Naruto runs through the halls with their 20 pound Example: *friend says something cringey (rawr XD)*

"Stop being such a treekid"
Example of tree kids:
*friend says something cringey such as...*
"Give me those rare memes daddy rawr XD"
"Stop being such a tree kid"
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The scum of moon valley high school. If there was a social hierarchy they'd be below the pigeons. If you find yourself sitting by a tree surrounded by a bench, with a trench coat and a face caked with black makeup... you may be a tree kid. Typically, this can be treated with chemotherapy.
Wow look at those tree kids, enjoying a Naruto run through the rain!
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by Refrgorator January 25, 2017
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Faggy poser goth kids.
People commonly yell, "Hey tree kids! Dick!" " GotEEM"

Found by the tree on the hill at Central High School
You might be a tree kid if:
1)You have no skin pigment
2)You wear black make up
3) Your school bag is made up duct tape
4)You slit your wrists
5)You sit in a circle and pray, on the last day of school
6) you mumble hexes underneath your breathe
7)no one likes you
by BobDiggity April 21, 2004
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The best type of people.

The ones that don't judge you, the ones that are not afraid to be themselves.
Tree kids don't bring people down and would rather make people laugh.
Wow, I wish a loser like me could be a tree kid.
by JL061099 April 14, 2017
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