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Style with Ease
Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Tre 36 gang Or known as (Tre 36) is a street gang that started up in Winston Salem North Carolina. Well known for being Notorious For Violence Various criminal acts and Drug acts. They are not affiliated with any gang they are there own gang There color's are Red and black This gang also represents the East Side and they wear there bandanna to the right side and only the right side. Because the right side is the true side and they have only 7 rules that are only discussed between they gang are willing to protect there hood from anyone that will try to take over there Hood and Tre 36 Stand for Winston Salem Area code (336). Hint That is were Tre 36 come from. Tre 36 enemy is OST 15 (Oak Side Turf 15) OST 15 wear the colors Green and Black. Tre 36 use the initials OK For Ost Killers Tre 36 also call Ost Fools witch is A Diss to Ost Tre 36 Gang symbols represents the area code (336) in roman Numerals Also Tre 36 Represents The Letter T Tre 36 is ruthless and know to protect there members and there hood if needed No Mercy No Fear. Tre 36 is leaded by Smokey This Street gang was Started in the year of 2012.
Tre 36. A yoo wussup Fool

OST 15. Wuts up fuck Tre 36 Gang

Tre 36. Beats the ost to death for sayin fuck tre 36
by 336Winston336 February 06, 2013
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