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A little known aliment affecting logic and reality. Common symptoms include but are not limited to: the inability to dry off properly after a shower, the inability to keep track of a lighter, or really any everyday object, getting on the four, getting off the four, fucking your girl, stain panic, fear of wet grass, chain smoking, stressing about chain smoking, chain smoking to deal with the stress you've aquired from previously chain smoking. Severe cases are known as stage 5 Trattles. This can be a dangerous time. If you think you are in the throws of stage five Trattles, it is recommended you immediately get on the four, see a doctor, and then talk shit about the doctor and his opinions. Calling him a big dumb bitch doctor can possibly help, but has yet to be a proven technique.
I can't find my cigs, I might have stage five Trattles.
by Greasy strangler January 09, 2018
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another name for a larger size butt plug.
do you really think this is the right trattle for you?
by dev October 26, 2004
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