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When you gotta hit up the plug, but you don't want your messages to be saved.
"Ey, nigga you still got me?"
"Yea dude I am hitting up the plug on trap chat."
"Yea dude, like snapchat but for trap niggas."
by DJ Climax June 16, 2016
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A snapchat of little to no substance sent for the sole purpose of seeing if the recipient is either ignoring you or just has not yet seen the messages.
"I didn't reply to her third text so she thought she could play me with a trapchat. I'm in no mood for her thirsty tricks."
by GillyHawk June 18, 2015
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A thirst trap picture sent via snap chat
"Why are you selfie-ing on snap chat naked?"
"I'm sending a trapchat to all my ex boyfriends to make them jealous"
by Miss_Cali_Princess May 15, 2014
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