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A Transtheritcal pronounced (Trans-there-rit-call) is a very tough word to understand. As it possesses many meanings. Among these are; an overabundance of anything, or any vulgar word such as "fuck." Basically stating that a Transtherical is an adjective for too much of something, something that is "very" something else, or something or someone that you just hate. If you are still baffled by the Definition allow me to elaborate a little more.

Transtheritcal can be used in place of the "f" word as so,"Transthericking" Or used before a curse word. Look at the example for more information.

More help? Well Transtheritcal has two forms. The normal form (used to describe something that is "very", or in other words takes place of the word "very.") (Transtheritcal). Or it can be used in the cursing form (Transthericking). It can also be used in place of any other adjective you can think of in this form (Transtherit).
"That Transtheritcal piece of shit!" - In place of "f" word

"Oh I want that Transthericking piece of toast sooo bad!"

"That is a Transtheritcal object! It's like a skyscraper!"-

Extremely big in that case.

"There is a Transtheritcal amount of Transthericking numbers!!!" - Used before the curse word "Transthericking"

"Transtheritcal amounts of force were used to fuse these atoms." - Once again, A LOT!

"Get your Transtheritcal ass down from there you fool!
-As used in place of retarded.
by Xoen December 07, 2010
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