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Consists of the ideology and practices that seek to discriminate against anyone who prefer listening to music other than trance, especially pop, hip-hop, R&B, and trap. Among one of these practices is an on-going movement from the most loyal appreciators of the trance genre to prevent some of the soon-to-be-pop-star-trance DJs from cheesing themselves up in order to collaborate with Justin Bieber and others who should never have been blended into the trance club/rave scene. The term is used in similar ways that "communism" and "racism" are be used. However, unlike communism and racism, the society has not yet known of any real harm on a human being that this ideology could have been used against humanity. It is in fact the opposite. It is highly beneficial to a society that values good culture and intelligence amongst the mass!
John: hey let's go to the MainStage, Skrillex and Justin Bieber are headlining!
Me: Sorry but no
John: why?
Me: because I'm a trancist. Get out of my sight until you learn to appreciate Aly & Fila

Marry: Capitalism or Communism?
Me: Neither
Marry: then what?
Me: Trancism.
by Asdftroll January 10, 2016
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