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Noun. {tran - ark - O - sore - us - rex}.

A mythological creature. a giant carnivorous reptilian with a taste for insurrectionary anarchism, undergoing spiritual and sexual metamorphosis.

etiology- derived from:

- Tyrannosaurus Rex (a non-avian dinosaur in the theropod genus, lived in the Cretaceous Period.)
- trans-sexuality and transgender ("Of, relating to, or designating a person whose identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender roles, but combines or moves between these." wikipedia)
- Anarchism (a political philosophy, and accompanying lifestyle, that views the state and other hierarchical social structures as unnecessary and harmful.)

This monster bears resemblance to an ordinary T. Rex but is notably different in it's reluctance to play along with heteronormativity and it's violent distaste for hierarchical structures (such as the state). The Tranarchosauras Rex is thought to be extinct, although there have been a handful of individuals claiming to have seen one amidst mass protests in Iran, Greece and The United States. This animal is reported to survive on a diet of business executives, politicians and law enforcement officers.
As they were gathering gluten-free vegan treats in the forest, one cave-person stopped dead in their tracks and quietly pointed out a large dinosaur to their hunter-gatherer comrade... "LOOK! it's a goddamned T-Rex! we better run for our lives!"

The other cave-person looked quickly, after a few moments of observation, they chuckled, and informed their comrade, "Oh wow, you had me for a second! that isn't a T-Rex, that is a Tranarchosauras Rex... they're friendly, they only eat cops!"
by The Caped Crusader! March 08, 2010
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