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An up and coming rap star hailing out of "Naptown"....With so much to talk about and so much to celebrate, Trajik is ready to take the rap game by storm with his first official release on Game Face Entertainment, "Last of The Great". The album is a combination of gritty street tales over hard 808 kicks and summer anthems with heavy bass lines. Not only does the production make this composition memorable, but the lyrics are captivating as well. Songs like "Feelin' Myself" and "Comin' Down" will definitely have every d-boy in America bobbing his head. Changing musical directions, Trajik then takes you to the soulful track "I'm Alright" where the 24 yr old rapper talks to his mother about the struggles of trying to survive in today's society. Demonstrating both his stylistic versatility and masterful writing skills. Each track is powered by his street sensibility and underlying wisdom. No throwaway songs or disingenuous sell-out tracks. It is safe to say that Trajik grants his fans with a healthy dose of his music, giving all sides of the game. Though the title of the LP may be a strong statement, after listening to what the young mc has to offer, you too will think he is destined for greatness.
Have you bought the new Trajik album?
by January 02, 2010
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I am TrAJiK... The person who is related to the cause of tragedy or disasters around him. Used for mainly gaming purposes by causing a massacre on CS or NS or CoD or Halo or any major game out there... My nickname with a purpose..
TrAJiK: Hello
Sorry, lost connection to server.
by TrAJiK January 09, 2004
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