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A person who belittles or shames someone's attempts at showing their support or compassion for a tragic world event because the event itself is too mainstream.
Tragedy hipster facebook post example: "Good work, all of you who changed your facebook pictures to a Frech Flag, what about the tragedy in Beirut? You are all horribly racist and ignorant and terrible people."

(Credit: Josh Zepps on the Joe Rogan podcast ep.726)
by Adonji February 27, 2016
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An unholy birthing from the chaos following any tragedy, the tragedy hipster will ridicule the mainstream media for not covering 'more vital' tragedies that only their own magical social media feed displays.
"Everybody's praying for Paris, but no network will cover the stuff in Beirut."
"Dude. Check a news site instead of Facebook once in a while. You are such a tragedy hipster!"
by LionPatriot January 26, 2016
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