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A driver who practices the pseudoscience of trafficneering by intentionally driving slow or out of the normal traffic pattern in an attempt to break traffic bottlenecks or thwart aggressive drivers. Traits of the trafficneer include high IQ, sincere belief they are serving the greater good by driving slow (time and gas savings) eventhough they themselves are not receiving the time benefit, probably exhibits socialist tendencies on some issues althought not a socialist by nature. The Trafficneer may be fresh out of a fluid dynamics course which, of course, makes them experts in anything that flows with constraints.

The Trafficneer is the exact opposite of an Aggressive Driver who will risk anything to get ahead in traffic: The trafficneer will risk anything to force traffic to conform to his will and idea of how traffic should work.

Note: A trafficneer is not experiencing a fuelirium since the trafficneer is well aware of their actions and those action's effects on other drivers.
The car behind the trafficneer: Why does he always keeps 3 to 5 car lengths ahead of him eventough we are going 20 MPH on a crowded Interstate! I'd pass him if we weren't boxed in!

The trafficneer: The space will break up that traffic bottleneck up ahead and save us and everyone else time. See how the bottleneck broke when we got there! Works everytime! Screw the guy behind me if he doesn't like it, let him pass me...

by Skrabis July 10, 2008
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