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A Catholic that does not live by the changes that were made in the the Church as a result of Vatican II. Most of the time they attend a Latin mass, the women wear dresses, don't eat meat on Friday, don't send their kids to public school, have loads of kids, say the rosary every day, say grace before and after meals and don't listen to modern music or use bad language. They come in varying degrees of weirdness. Some are just normal, well-behaved and modestly-dressed Catholics. Others, usually the ones that live in the middle of nowhere stick out. I could go on and on describing their various peculiarities but I think I covered all of the basics.
Girl: Who are those freakin' weird people over there in the long ass skirts? That's disgusting that they have more than 3 kids! They must be crazy! They need to get liberated! I'm sure they're judging us right now!
Traditional Catholic: Who's judging?
by BMDC September 16, 2010
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A Catholic who does not recognize the second Vatican council as valid and rejects its teachings. Traditional Catholics believe that the post-Vatican 2 church is "not real Catholic" and that they are the actual real Catholics.

Some traditional Catholics believe that the entire modern post-Vatican 2 church is infiltrated by Masons and Communists. Which most sane people find hard to believe.
My friend is a traditional Catholic who goes to the latin mass every Sunday and keeps telling me that the church i've always gone to is not real Catholic. Puh-leeease!!!

Dude you know Pope Benedict the 16th? He's a Masonic plant set out to destroy the Catholic church!
by jsmith8800 February 16, 2008
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