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Toxoplasmalia is a sexual act between mammals and animals (usually cats). Cunninlingus fanatics and their feline counterparts engage in a lot more than taco licking and going down cat daddy style gives a whole new meaning to 'introducing your cat to wet food diet'. Toxoplasmalia is practised by harnivores and feline lovers. Things can get out of hand, especially if the female is menstruating which can result in an unexpected hysterectomy. If practised correctly, one can achieve an apocalyptic tsunami.
Anyone considering a Toxoplasmalia with their feline friend, are highly recommended that they shave their pubic hair prior to commencement especially if your cat has been throwing up hairballs more than usual. If the cat ingests coarse pubic hair, it will cause damage to the stomach lining and cause obstruction in the digestive tract which can lead to death.
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