When one comes to the realization that their friends are not good for him/her. These so-called friends often backstab, gossip, lie, act selfish, use, belittle and even manipulate and are taking more than giving back to the friendship. Sadness and resentment is felt toward the toxic friends, and breaking away from these toxic friends is a must.
"So Claire, how is it going with you and Mary?"
"Don't remind me. She's a loser. She uses me and she's such a manipulator."
"Who needs her!"
"I know. I'm sick of having toxic friends. They ALWAYS bring me down. No thank you."
by Babydoll75 March 5, 2019
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Eg my ex bsf Aliyah Hxxchen is toxic because she makes you feel bad but a day or so after that that act all nice again. Also toxic friends mean they are never happy for your success if you win something and you go on stage and they’re not clapping and rolling the’re probably a TOXIC FRIEND
Eg someone you’re hanging out with people who are always guilt tripping you leave the after all they are just Toxic Friends
by Not saying 012345 March 4, 2019
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-a “friend” who belittles you, bully’s you, or hurts your feelings in general
-a person who you care about even though they probably don’t care for you

-a person who you like when you’re around them, but hate when you’re away from them
-when you are with other friends you realize how much you hate them

-could also be controlling
-someone you continue to be friends with because of guilt issues, years you’ve known each other etc.
-similar to fake friends
A: “Susan always belittles me, it’s like she wants to hurt my feelings,”

B: “Susan seems like a toxic friend.”
by 1234567891011sunday May 2, 2018
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a friend that is never happy for you, doesn't support you and talks shit about you behind your back. I've dealt with one and finally ditched her, do it too. Best decision of my life. You go shishtar!
toxic friend: ew she looks so merked and looks gross all the time
Me: unadds her on social media*
by byebitchez August 17, 2018
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a friend that embarasses you in social situations in order to gain attention; a person that constantly betrays your trust, but you cant get away from due to guilt issues; a type of friend that is ok one on one, but will turn on you as soon as other people are around, making it hard to break off the friendship because you 'know how they really are'.
toxic friend: *loudly so that the cute guy standing next to you hears* remember when you ripped that loud fart in front of that guy you liked?
by ladeefalcn March 31, 2005
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A friend who when around you belittles you or makes you feel bad about yourself. Someone you hate to be around. Someone who everyone fears, but is still their friend
That Billy Bob is such a Toxic Friend the way he makes fun of me.
by mizballa16 June 10, 2004
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An absolute nightmare to have.
Friends who are toxic are often negative about everything, they talk a lot of shit behind your back, they turn your friends against you and they're generally hated by everyone. Not to mention that they don't congratulate you about ANYTHING.
A toxic friend may seem alright for the first few times but when there are other people around they won't hesitate to embarrass you.
These remorseless pieces of shit must be exterminated otherwise more and more people will suffer.
Oh my fucking god, I hate David so much! He's such a toxic friend.
by reddyfu April 9, 2019
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