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A town rat is a person or a group of people who spend all of their time bumming around the town they live in. Town rats do not nessesarly have to live in town, many comute from other places. There are many sub-groups of the town rats. Their are the gangsta-rats, the goth-rats, the freshman-rats, etc.. Each taown can have many sub-rat groups each with their own style. Most civilized people look down on town-rats as dirt scum, who piss away their lives hanging out on streetcorners and gas stations. Many times the rats will have a special place, which they will regard as their "turf", it can be a gas staion, grocery store, barber shop, or playground. Most of their lives is spent hanging out in front of theese places.
Example 1
Bryan: Yo Justin wanna go hang out on the propaine tanks at BP.
Justin: Already there dogg.
Bryan: Oh see ya in a few.

Example 2
N8: Look theres a town-rat.
Joe: I got him (rolls down window)
FUCKING RAT!! (throws a pop at said rat)
by Joe Rizzo June 25, 2006
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