Babay is almost the same as baby, but in a cuter fashion to do so, thus gaining more of a relationship points than just a babe or normal baby would. It doesn't have to be to the sexual partner in your life, it could be to a friend.
She is saved as Babay in my phone.
by CoasterDisks August 9, 2021
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A human who hasn't quite got "the talk" yet.
Adult: have you heard about the birds and the bees?
Babay: no I'm just a babay.
by lakalakaboomboom October 11, 2020
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Ohh see dat BABAY?

Yea dat a BABAY
by Shrimp 🍤 September 16, 2020
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A babay kid is a bad, wild kid with no parental supervision always causing trouble.
Those kids running in the street stealing and breaking into that house are nothing but a bunch of babay kids!
by Buterphli December 30, 2016
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Made for people (inparticular men) who drink water like adonis water spouts, when sitting/ leaning they prop their leg up like a 1920's film actor, run to Dakota on the tread mill at the gym, fuck their secretary in the boot of their car, smile slightly to one side creating a diagonal line. Dads/ fathers are normally considered get back to rat town babay due to their dynamic and sometimes even cocky nature.
Bradley from Eastenders, Jeremy Paxman and Ben Turner epitomize this phrase.
Did you see Jeremy Paxman last night on University Challenge?...he was well Get Back to Rat Town Babay!
by emzikin February 25, 2008
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Jhatu sala madarchod khelna nahi aata randi ke bache ko mu se beastnik ka lund hatayega tabh awaz sahi ayegi randwe teri ma ki chut bhadwe ka bacha.
Apna kam kado tum. rising (babai) gay!
Apna mu bandh rakho na beastshit ke bache.rising(babai) gay!
by beastnik2005 July 8, 2022
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