When a man and a woman are having sexual relations in the missionary position, and the man fits his entire scrotum into the woman's vagina, and then slapping his penis onto the top of the woman's pubic area while mimicing the sound of a large bell followed by exclaiming the time of day and then the phrase "And all is well". It is part of the Colonial Times sexual moves.
"Ben Reilly gave me a Town Crier last night! It was awesome!"
"4 o' Clock and all is well!"
by Babyballs October 6, 2006
A gullible person on a social networking site like facebook who updates their status with messages telling other people to read, copy and post the same message them selves.
This is done because they believe that if they do not, something bad will happen, although this is almost certainly untrue.
Person 1: "Facebook will become a paysite from August first! Post this message in your status. If enough people do it, the staff will change their mind."

Person 2: "Oh gee, another Town Crier."
by Amphibiot November 3, 2009