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Touta Matsuda also known as Taro Matsui is a character in an anime/manga Death Note. He is a member of the japanese police and the kira task force. He isn`t like others as he isn`t as experianced as the other officers. He seems to be lacking behind the others, but proves worthy of a gun after shooting Light Yagami aka Kira. Matsuda isn`t treated as nice as he should be treated and is looked down on, therefore causing his actions at the Yotsuba group; only after being " Misa`s manager. " His actions at Yotsuba only lead him into almost getting killed by Kira at the time, which happened to be Higuchi. Therefore Matsuda seems to be a clutz when having to fake his death by " falling " out of a window. Matsuda seems to be a huge fan of Misa Amane and seems to be devestated after losing the role of her manager. He also seems to have a crush on Light`s sister Sayu Yagami; but Mr. Yagami disproves and says that Sayu will never be allowed to date a police officer. Matsuda`s birthday, which is probably unimportant to most is December 14th.
Touta Matsuda: L, is there anything I can help with in the Kira case ?
L: Yes, go get me some coffee.
by MatsuChii July 05, 2010
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