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-A blonde bad bitch character that wears a suit from Bungou Stray Dogs who works as a Mafioso in a hype house group called Prort Mafia.
-A big ass fangirl of her boss with with respiratory problem Akutagawa senpai, and would do anything for her senpai.
-A representation of "notice me senpai"
-has an unknown ability atm
-fights with her guns
-felt that unrequited love with her senpai (co-worker zoned)

-Can relate to the song called Emo boy by ayesha erotica
Person 1: dude my crush aint liking me back.
Person 2: Higuchi type beat.

Higuchi: Akutagawa Senpai
Akutagawa senpai: Urusai Higuchi
Higuchi: Gomen Tsukki!
by Choochie throbbin October 28, 2020
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Ancient Japanese name for β€œHe who fondles many ball”
That guy has such soft hands

For sure dude, he is a real Higuchi.
by Benny and the jets 1988 July 07, 2019
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