Even though I've lost all of my money, gotten mugged fourteen times in one night, got shot in the leg in four different spots, and got peed on by nine poodles, I will tough it out and keep on going.
by SmellyCindo September 15, 2011
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A synonym of the word 'endure'.
Private: Waaah what a muggy day it is today. It's freaking hot and the mud is cold at the same time. AAAAAHHH I can't take it any longer
Officer: Tough it out maggot! If you ain't have 'em balls to endure such a lowly, pathetic training, you better pack it up and go home you little shit!!
by eyfraim October 25, 2015
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Is when you really don't want to do something, but it needs to be done. Toughing it out is one of the hardest things to practise on a daily basis. If you can accomplish the "thoughing it out" moral than you will be un-stoppable!
"I was up all night drinking and I had to be at work by 5am... I really dont want to be here, but I'm toughing it out."

Jon- "ah man hold on a sec, I got a sliver in my finger"
Gabe- "dude just tough it out we only have five more logs to load"
by Timmy Wall August 28, 2007
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