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An extremely funny cartoon reality series that involves a large group of 16-year-olds competing for lots of money.

It first started out as Total Drama Island where 22 teens were competing at Camp Wawanakwa, doing crazy, dangerous and sometimes gross Challenges to win.

The teens were Courtney, Tyler, Duncan, Lindsay, Heather, Harold, Owen, Trent, Ezekiel, Geoff, DJ, LeShawna, Gwen, Brigdette, Beth, Cody, Eva, Izzy, Katie, Sadie, Justin and Noah.

Total Drama Action is the sequel where the teens compete in an abandoned movie lot doing Challenges related to movie genres known to man.

The teens were Lindsay, Owen, Gwen, Trent, Duncan, Harold, LeShawna, Geoff, Heather, DJ, Bridgette, Beth, Justin, Izzy and Courtney.

This is followed by Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special which led to Total Drama World Tour. Sierra and Alejandro are the newcomers.

The show is hosted by Chris McLean and he is always accompanied by Chef Hatchet.

I'm a little bugged by the fact that some characters are kicked off before the new season starts.

But the one thing that bugs me the most is the censorship this series gets here in America. And it's because of Cartoon Network and the FCC. They mess with the dialouge, making the characters say things a five-year old would say and half or most of the edits don't make any since at all, making the show less funny. If you ask me, they should have left the show in Canada or they should have just released the way it was originally made.
Conversation that involves Total Drama Island/Action:

Boy: Who's your favorite character in the Total Drama Series?

Girl: Lindsay.
by AnimeandToonLover May 20, 2010
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