Roots tracksuit, acrylics, Air Force 1s, bubble jacket, jansport backpack, edges laid, false lashes
Yeye I’m a Toronto shordy
by lele2328 December 22, 2019
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A Toronto Shody is a girl that lives in Toronto. But they have some traits. They tend to act like “Hot Cheeto Girls” in other words (ghetto). They’re lowkey all treeshes and will fuck any guy they see. The White Toronto Shodys are easy to crack too and are easy to get play off of. They Black ones are sweet but act hardddd. They’re lowkey wifey material but are hard to crack to and move hollywood when they get there lacefronts done. You’ll always catch Toronto Shories rocking a bubbly jacket or the air force 1s. But if she got that on she belongs to the STREETSSS!! Toronto shoddiest claim they don’t like Toronto Mans but are lowkey obsessed with them. Toronto Shordies are all battries and cant live without edges , as a matter of a fact they can’t live without edges , lashes or weave. BUT THERE LOWKEY TURNTTT!!
Marcus: Whos that girl?
Kayla: Oh that’s Justice ! Thirty ass bitch She’s a Toronto Shordy
by ionlyspeakfactsperiodt July 25, 2020
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