A male from age 20 to 40 typifying the urban Drake wannabe. The Toronto Mans wears Canada Goose knockoff parkas and athletic gear at all times; at least one item of apparel must bear the logo of the Raptors or Blue Jays. Chains and Axe Body Spray are mandatory accessories, as well as the cheapest item possible that bears the logo of an expensive brand. Toronto Mans use the word "bro" twice in every sentence unless they're trying to be really classy and then they say "Brother." Despite the name, Toronto Mans is probably from Mississauga.
"Hooooooly, Mo is a Toronto Mans, I hear his fam paid for his Civic."
by SuburbanUrban August 15, 2021
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White Kids from a suburban area ( Vaughan, Richmondhill, etc. ) think they are tough because they copy Debby's motives. Their parents are lawyers and doctors with a financial income but still claim they came from the mud.
Yo shordy you wanna mess with a man like me, I'm a Toronto Man.
by sael lmaooooooo February 2, 2021
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