The largest city in Canada. Provincial capital and national centre of arts, business, financial, and media sectors.

Inspires many negative definitions on the website Some have suggested that this proliferation may result from Torontonians having better things to do in their city than writing diatribes about other cities. Residents of these other cities are afforded more solitude and idle time from a lack of nearby entertainment.

Most residents of Toronto proper and visitors agree that it is a city that is coming into its own as worldwide destination. Proudly boasts the least crime of all major cities in Canada and a storied hockey team that will hopefully win the Stanley Cup again before the next ice age.
"I was in Toronto last month. They don't even have a stampede!" - Calgarian
by devo-whipit July 29, 2008
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The largest city in Canada, that's overrated. People who have never been there think it's great, but when they go they realize it's a shithole. The leafs suck as well.
Aw shit! I thought Toronto was going to be cool. Its just a shithole
by TheCoolDude123 October 10, 2011
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Toronto (or Turanna, as its inhabitants call it) is a decent city with mainly decent friendly people, that has some residents who think it is better than it is, even believing it to be an amazing cosmopolitan experience and a world class city; these Torontonians obviously haven't traveled much.

Many Canadians from outside southern Ontario hate the city because its "too American" or because we have too much pollution and crime, although for a city our size the crime actually isn't too bad, although I will agree there is too much air pollution during the summer. And while some Torontonians have a bloated ego about their city, overall we are still decent folk, despite what some other Canadians like to tell themselves about us.

Our sports teams suck, but Toronto is the largest concentration of hockey lovers in the world, even though the home team is shit.

The main problem with the city is the endless sprawl, and some parts are actually kind of ugly, and the city could use some beautification. If these problems, along with transportation and pollution, are cleaned up in the next 20 years, as well as reduced housing costs, Toronto could be a really cool city. Theres lots to do and see in Toronto, the people are friendly, and its my beloved home.
Canadian A: "Hey have you been Toronto?"

Canadian B: "I bet it sucks."

Canadian A: " was alright."
by DDave August 15, 2007
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The most multi-cultural city in the world. It has the dubious honor of being the one place everyone in Canada loves to fling mud at - BUT that would be because it doesn't rain 3/4 of the year and it's not tiny and freezing cold, nor does it need to boast a mall to make it a landmark, it's not on the prairies in the middle of nowhere, and it doesn't want desperately to get out of Canada, and most of all because the average Torontonian just could never out-drink an east coaster! Toronto, Canada's economic centre, pulse of the nation - the rock, the anchor, the pillar that Canadians can't help but love AND yet love to hate. Let's face it - the mud might fling, but it just can't stick!

Just think of it like that guy in school that got all the best grades AND got the girls AND the job AND the hot car AND the nice house. And yet - he's just the best guy! Only he's completely misunderstood. Welcome to Toronto.
by Mr. CanoeHead October 23, 2005
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Toronto, Ontario is the largest city in Canada.
The air quality is by far the worst in the country, and is nearly unbreatheable at times. The city of toronto has the unmistakable odour of garbage and disel fumes. The streets are dirty. Drivers are rude and obnoxious. Rush hour lasts 20 hours a day. Torontonians are entirely self-absorbed, and often times completely ignorant about the rest of their country. Most Torontonians are unaware of anything that occurs beyond London, Ontario. If you stand on the left side of an escalator, expect to be screamed at by escalator nazis. Everyone is always in a big hurry to be somewhere, or rather, somewhere else. Anywhere else. Presumably this is because no matter where you are in Toronto, you wish you were somewhere else. You must maintain a walking speed of 20 km/h on sidewalks to keep from being trampled. There are about 1000 homeless people on every block. Shootings are common. American flags adorn nearly every building downtown. Expect to pay extremely high rent to live in a slum. The people are pretentious, arrogant, and concerned only with money.
Toronto really sucks ass.
by Joey Jojo Sr. September 06, 2005
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How the hell does some guy get off defending our city by comparing it to Detroit??? And no, our subways are not clean, they look like crappy versions of the ones in NYC, but filled with angry persian women and brown kids trying to act black. I see people everywhere pretending to be sophisticated like them New Yorkers, which may be tolerable if they didn't look so constipated and uptight. The government here is just as unoriginal.. while Portland and San Fran are already densifying their metros like Vancouver, the arrogant gas-bags in city council are busy building a big ugly sprawl the size of New York with less than 1/4 of the population. Such backwards mindset over here; I'd move to Vancouver in an instant if a house there didn't cost $750,000.
We need some original people here to help Toronto out.
by Marissa L December 01, 2006
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