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When a man-child stalks and torments women he's only known for a very short period of time. (Less than a couple of hours). Then freaks out because they want nothing to do with his fat, missing tooth jackolantern smile. He shakes his jowls and cries to everyone around him about " why girls don't like him"....


Also the term for when a man gets off watching his buddies whack off. As in.....did you hear about Chris? He's let like 8 guys jerk off in front of him!!! Oh the old Topher Snow-ball!!! I've never met a "straight" guy that's liked that so much!!!
Ex: really Emily, he freaked out on you because you didn't respond to his Facebook message two minutes ago!? And now he's calling you constantly leaving increasingly hysterical messages. He totally Topher Snow-balled you!!!
by Ninetwenty April 03, 2014
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