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The person within a set of friends who comes away from a holiday having shagged (fucked) the most amount of people. British slang.
..And this holiday's Top Shagger award goes to Mary with eight shags in seven days, impressive work Mary.
by The Chinman August 03, 2011
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A topshagger is usually one of ‘the lads’ who gets all the pussy. Every night he has a new bitch to fuck. Some names of famous topshaggers are: Scott Nolan, Taylor, Ian, and Caleb
Taylor: Sup lads, I have had 7 bitched bouncing on my dick this week wbu?
Scott Nolan : Ha, only 7?? I’ve had 15.

Girl: Oh scott ur such a topshagger
by TopShagger4 September 23, 2018
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A man who stands above the simple shagger. ‘Top’ shagger status is only achieved after many years of partying, seducing women & generally not giving 2 fucks about what people think. Often loved by fellow lads but hated by females in the local area.
Here’s the Top Shagger, what a man you are.
by SchoolGeek3000 August 06, 2018
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someone who shags or fucks a lot of birds, every night they have a fit ting to shag
friend: who do you think is a top shagger?

me: ah definitely that WillNE guy
by lesbian top shagger December 17, 2018
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top shagger is a person who has a lot of intecourse. they probably have aids.
person: oou is tim shagging ellie?
you: yeah, he's top shagger
person: huh?
you: even though it may be good, you'll get aids.
by uqlie January 31, 2019
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