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When someone (preferably a guy who has a girlfriend) leads a person on (an innocent girl who falls for the guy but cares he has a girlfriend) and does things with him. it could be from just sexting to actually having sex but he tells her that she isn't allowed to tell anyone because of his girlfriend. And when the guy gets what he wants (or doesn't) he does't exactly dump the girl because they were never going out because he had a girlfriend, but just stops texting her everyday and never answers her texts or stops going up to talk to her. this isn't tooting it and booting it because the guy will still talk to the girl but when he does he acts like nothing ever happened and expects her to do the same
Naj "hey cori can i give you a hug tomorrow?" Cori "sure?" Naj "can i give you two hugs tomorrow?" Cori "sure" Naj " just sure?" cori "sure" Naj " can i have a butt touch?" Cori "NO! you have a girlfriend" (that is an example of a girl who is smart and doesnt fall for it.) Naj " hey Jaz i really like you youre really awesome we should have sex" Jaz "aww <3 i like you too but you have a girlfriend" Naj "so i dont care about her anymore i love her but i really like you" Jaz " ok come over now" and after he gets what he wants he never talks to her again and calls her his stalker (that was an example of a girl who fell for his act... hard)and that is what it means to Toot It And Let It Linger
by rayRay ;) June 14, 2011
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