When someone or a group of people (usually in a working environment)
try to tell you how you are supposed to do YOUR job when

they are incapable of doing your job, especially THEY feel

the need to dish out some oppression to those who are

declassé in their own opinion, or doing it for shits and

giggles just to make misery. Even worse when a

one trick pony wage slave acts like a

big headed twat toward anyone who pushes a broom

or mops the floor.

Culminates into too many chiefs and not enough Indians
helping to make one's fuck up into a Fuck Up of the First Order
while being in total denial of doing so.
When too many cooks spoil the broth, only a lot of blame is served.

And knowing some folks, they don't want that portion.
by CDSmith1967 February 12, 2013
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