Used to describe a female individual that dissapoints a pedophile with her age.
Pedobear on jailbait: Too old !
by David.david.son May 22, 2009
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When you feel that doing the same shit over and over for years is too much to deal with anymore.
Example 1:

Mom: Junior wet the bed again.
Dad: He's ten years old. Fuck, i'm too old for this shit.

Example 2:

Friend 1: What's 1+1=?
Friend 2: I'm too old for this shit.
by Bhursty1180 January 20, 2015
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Someone deemed too old to have fun, and, or relations with of a sexual manner.
Billy: Oh man, check her ass out.
Fred: Dude, come on, she is clearly TOTF (Too Old To Fuck). Why don't you try finding one a decade younger.
by bigsoprano November 29, 2009
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