Since humans have a way of telling stories that makes another group the bad guys, most stories are too good to be true stories, whether they are stories you hear often about triumphant European groups, or stories about the triumph of other groups than Europeans.
If the (American) Indians had invaded and took over Europe, the stories of the triumph of their human spirit would sound like bullshit to Europeans because they would know it was the way the Indians were telling history. The Indians would also know the dehumanized European stories of survival and oppression in the Indian's new world were bullshit too, since any group of humans can tell a too good to be true story, making another group sound like the most inhuman pieces of shit that ever lived, the bible has plenty of them. The reality is each and every group is as human and as inhuman as the next, there is no more or less human group, not the oppressor, not the oppressed. There are no innocent, pure humans, innocent applies only to animals. Groups of oppressed people have also raped, tortured, and killed each other, and members of other groups, even if plenty of bad shit happened to them too, no matter how good a movie/book makes their group or their story look. If an American Indian or an Aboriginie tells a story, their audience shouldn't not question the full story because it was told by a rare living member of an Indian or Aboriginie group because their group is few in numbers, any more than they shouldn't not question a story told by an Anglo-Saxon.
by Solid Mantis June 2, 2020
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